Don’t Be Late For Your Wedding!

Break away from this spell and have a memorable day worth recalling

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Have you ever witnessed a bride getting ready for her wedding? Can you imagine the joyous expression written all over her face as she goes over her list one more time the night before? Do you see how she is beaming with genuine smiles?

Consider the groom and his men, who may or may not be concerned because, let’s face it, guys care but do not care (lol). They recognize that it is a day when they may dress up for a few hours and then revert to their shorts while they lounge on the sofa binge-watching their favorite action movie or a heated match between Chelsea and Manchester United. It’s not that it doesn’t mean anything to them, but they’ve realized that they aren’t mostly the focus while they patiently wait at the altar for their brides. Their brides’ elegant entry to the wedding location illuminates the entire cosmos. You now know who the real deal is.

Okay, so you find the crowd giddy with delight and gripping their cameras tightly, excitedly waiting to record meaningful moments as the bride walks down the aisle. Is this the case though, when the couple arrives late? Being late on your wedding day sends a powerful and negative signal to your guests. Imagine all the dignitaries who turn up on your big day only to discover that you have no regard for time. There will be a lot of grumbling in the building, and some people may leave after a time. And you can imagine the kind of information they’ll carry home with them. This news will spread like wildfire! Forget about fire extinguishers.

I’ve witnessed a wedding where the bride arrived hours after the preacher man had concluded his sermon; and another where the preacher refused to bless the union owing to the to-be couple’s tardiness. Worst of all, when the groom has arrived hours early and there is still no sign of the bride, he becomes concerned.

Let me take this moment to commend the grooms for being on time on their wedding days. Not to say they don’t have problems, but they’re usually on time, and it appears that the problem is usually with the brides, but all hope is not lost.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you prepare for your wedding day. I know you’ll thank me later, so let’s roll!

Stay Disciplined

It may seem odd or weird, but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it before: that discipline gets things done. That is entirely correct. Both spouses will require a high level of discipline from start to finish to make their big day unforgettable. It entails putting all of the necessary elements together to ensure the success of that day. If you’ve been a slacker your entire life, now is the period to gird your loins and get things done. And if you’re the grandchild of procrastination, you should drop that title to get things in order. You could be a party freak or prefer hanging out with friends at a pub, or even be a workaholic, but come on, tomorrow is your day; say no to distractions that will ruin it. Learn to say NO!


Starting your preparations ahead of time can save you a lot of headaches, believe me. You don’t want to be at sea on your wedding day when you have all it takes to plan fervently towards it. Fortunately, there are several sites and channels, as well as magazines, to assist you in efficiently planning, so sit down and get to work. Be proactive. Make backup plans in case something goes wrong. For example, your makeup artist could end up sick on your special day. Even the driver might call in sick, so have a backup plan ready. Anything is conceivable, but with sufficient forethought, you can overcome all of this.

You don’t want bloggers and vloggers to include your special day on their list for the worst weddings of the year. Plan ahead of time, plan properly and plan to succeed.

Living in a frantic city with outrageous traffic is a problem that must be addressed. For example, if you live 5–10 minutes away from your wedding location, you know it’s a short distance apart and so, lateness may be eliminated with ease. Now, if you know you live in a place miles away from your venue, and it requires you to travel to your fixed destination, sweetie, you’ll have to deal with a lot of traffic and aggressive drivers.

You may either opt to set off early which I wouldn’t advise you to do. It’s not worth getting to the venue all stressed out and tired. The best option is to reserve a safe and reasonably priced hotel proxy for the location. This way, you can beat the clock while simultaneously getting a lot done before the big day.

You might be a food junkie (I am one too, cheers!), and it’s adorable. Or perhaps you had a bachelorette party the night before, which is wonderful and stunning. The issue isn’t with the meals, but with what you end up eating. Whenever I have an event coming up, I make sure to consume meals that my stomach is familiar with, and I take them in moderation to guarantee that my system will be fine for the session. Even so, I may run into tummy problems and would ultimately bring enough tissues and an emergency drug with me.

The point is, do not ingest anything that is a stranger to your system. Even if you do, take it in small quantities. You don’t want to spend your special day frequenting the washroom. It must be cherished for the appropriate reasons.

If you have food allergies, ensure your meals are free from any ingredient which could trigger your body to react negatively. You might be surprised to find yourself craving for the unusual, so let’s stay cautious.

Perhaps you missed this advice too, but if you choose to drink, don’t blend different drinks. It’s not good for the stomach. Overall, be mindful of what you consume in the days preceding and on the day of your occasion. As humans, as we are, the truth is — not everyone would be thrilled about your special day. People get poisoned and you don’t want to be a victim.

I understand how difficult this is. However, many couples have admitted to having trouble sleeping the night before their wedding. The amount of adrenaline racing through their veins is enough to keep them awake all night, only to begin dozing off as daylight approaches. Sleep is essential for the soul. When you prepare ahead of time, you know everything is in order, which reduces tension and anxieties. Now, put everything else on hold and go to bed.

Don’t allow the excitement to deprive you of beauty sleep, Hunny. Get into bed, turn out the lights, and go off to sleep hours ahead of time. Stay away from your phone as much as possible, and don’t entertain chatty friends in your bedroom. This way, you can be certain to wake up early and get ready on time. If you are a heavy sleeper, kindly set your alarm thirty minutes before the planned rising time, or notify a relative to wake you up early. A good night’s sleep will also help you stay focused throughout the event. Let’s not make dozing and falling out of your seat the topic of the century!


Prayer is effective, darling. Don’t underestimate the potency of this instrument. You have completed all of your preparations; now, place everything in God’s hands and watch Him work in your favor. Place the entire event in His hands. He manages tasks that the average person cannot.

Now prepare for the most exciting and unforgettable day of your life as everything is in line.

Congratulations in advance! ;-)

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